A seamless rolled ring is a vital metal component used across numerous industries for a variety of applications. These rings are strong, durable, versatile, and cost-effective and are a key component in jet engines, jet turbines, windmills, paper mills, and helicopter gearboxes.

The seamless rolled rings are stronger compared to other metal components and are able to maintain their strength even during high-temperature fluctuations. These rings are produced through a range of configurations such as tall cylinders, and small parts resembling washers, and are manufactured using a shaping tool.

Seamless Rolled Rings Forging Process

The rolled ring forging is a metalworking process in which a hole is punched in a solid, round metal piece to form a doughnut-shaped that is further squeezed and pressurized into a thin ring. After this, the ring is heated to re-crystallization temperature and then placed on an idler roll and moved to a drive roll.

The work piece or metal is punched in the center to create a necessary hole and the work piece is placed in the ring mill. The three different types of rolls are used in the ring mill named, a drivel roll, an idler roll, and the two axial rolls.

The idler roll rotates the work piece and applies pressure to the ring inside while the driver roll applies pressure to the outside of the ring. This flattens the metal and leads to an increased diameter. The ring height is controlled by the two axial rolls and the ring rolling process continues till the ring is of the required diameter.

Seamless metal rolled rings are manufactured of varying sizes using the rolled ring forging process and are commonly used as parts of machine tools. The forged rings are created through a ring rolling process with the aid of a machine called a rolling mill that can create rings of varying diameters and weights.  

Benefits of Seamless Rolled Ring

Multiple Uses of the Seamless Rolled Rings

Materials Used for Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

The seamless rolled ring can be produced using different materials, from high tensile strength stainless steel to various alloys. Thus the rolled rings can be made from diverse metals and alloys like carbon steel, stainless steel, brass alloy, copper alloy, nickel alloy, alloy steel, titanium alloy, and many others.

These rolled rings can cater to any strength requirement, and can easily withstand stress, impact, as well as load. This specific characteristic of the rolled ring allows clients to choose the ring made up of a particular material that meets their application requirements.